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 Jacques Mindreau makes music for the soul and the human spirit. His new solo project, Electro Jacques Therapy, uses violin and lyrical voice to combine new sounds that seem otherworldly into vocal and string orchestrations. Jacques has performed and toured with countless musicians all over Canada and the world. He also composes music for film, dance, and now theatre including the feature documentary “Modified” a story about the impact of GMOs on society and the critically acclaimed play, “One Discordant Violin”, an adaptation of a Yann Martel story directed by Ann Marie Kerr and Anthony Black.  Jacques is the co-founder of the bands Krasnogorsk, Beautiful Wild Animals and OQO. He currently lives in Cape Breton where he co-hosts the annual Margaree Harvest Festival in October.

Jacques aspires to bring his music to Europe and Beyond, but strongly likes his home base in the Maritimes. The Maritimes draw much inspiration in his composing of new material. The people and landscapes as well as the ever changing climate provides ideas in the soundscapes that he loves to create. A mover and shaker, Jacques began the now notorious  Monday night Open Mic on Agricola St. in 2008, and has seen some of Nova Scotia, Canada and beyond’s finest come through. Facilitating an environment where people who were to shy to perform got their start, Jacques is far from the lone musician in every other aspect, believing in community spirit, and collaborations with many.  

Jacques has toured with several bands from around Canada over the years. Including his own groups which he co founded in Nova Scotia known as “Krasnogorsk” and “Beautiful Wild Animals” combined with the other bands he has played with which include “OQO” “the Grass Mountain Hobos” “Crowdis Bridge” and “The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra” He has had the opportunity to tour all over North America and Europe and Asia. Including opening at the Canada Games in 2009, and played at several festivals including, Atlantic Jazz fest, Harvest Jazz and Blues fest, Evolve, Follyfest, Stanfest, Full Circle, Paddle Fest, Dooryard Arts Festival, Montreal Folk on the Canal Festival, Deep Roots Music Festival, Calgary Folk Fest, Artswells in BC, and at the Cameron House during 2014 Canadian Music Week. Jacques also volunteered in 2015 at Music Arts School in Cambodia as a violin teacher and resident musician. In Oct. 2014, him and his long time collaborating friend Corey Hinchey were selected alongside Don Brownrigg, to have their music orchestrated by The Halifax Music Co­op and performed a 3 night sold out show alongside the 75 piece HMC Orchestra.  Jacques has recently been part of some films as a violinist including the “Lizzie Borden” mini series filmed in Nova Scotia starring Christina Ricci. As a soloist he embarked on his first summer tour. Having performed on the west coast and east coast. In the coming months he is planning on recording his first full length album and has currently got a 36 minute EP.  

Beyond his own projects Jacques has performed and or recorded with artists such as Petunia, Ben Caplan, Jont, Coco Love Alcorn, Jon McKiel, The Grass Mountain Hobos, the HMC, Julia Feltham, Crowdis Bridge, The Barrowdowns, Don Brownrigg, the Big Country Ramblers, Heavy Meadows, Maria Osende, Ravi Persaud and countless others. He has played the violin for 21 years and counting, and was trained classically at the Royal Conservatory of Music for 9 years, and was enrolled in music courses at York University. The rest of it has been self taught, and he values and cherishes the musicians and musical styles that have rubbed off onto him over the years. Jacques is a master of improvisation and his flexibility and versatility is one of his greatest musical strengths. Music is something intrinsic in the life of Jacques, whether it be performing, composing, recording, or teaching it.  

Without music there is no soul.

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